Friday, December 28, 2007

Say Thanks with Sweet Pea Designs $10.95

Why not break out the old ink pen and give thanks for all of the gifts you might have received over this Christmas season; all the food that you over indulged on, and the bottle of Excedrin migraine that helped you get through it all. These Sweet Pea Design Fold over notes are currently available blank, or personalized! You can easily print your own design, message, and monogram or we can do it for you.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


This Haute Couture (tm) Corset Wall Jewelry Holder is available in Antiqued White Metal! The corset can hang proudly as a homage to dusty lingerie tucked back in sock drawers everywhere, while displaying your long strand of vintage pearls and cocktail rings. This popular item was sold out early in the summer at Dragonfly Designs, so order yours while it is in stock!
(3" x 10" x 23 1/2"H)

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

What is Black & White and Cute all Over? $34.95

Why not tote around your cargo in this unique canvas lined drawstring tote? While adorned with Black & White Ribbons you are sure to feel fabulous even while carrying around your skunky gym clothes. Wear it as a backpack or throw both straps over one shoulder. Available in Black & White Ribbon on Black Canvas, and Multi-Colored Ribbon on Pink Canvas 10.5" x 18.5"

In the spirit of giving...

This Christmas Eve tiny little babes will receive a bit of heaven and their parents a well needed bit of encouragement. Recently one of my customers ordered a few dozen of our popular ribbon blankets to hand out at the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Louis Children's Hospital. Last Christmas they were in the hospital with their precious baby boy, who had complications resulting in breathing problems. The memory of their tumultuous Christmas led this small family to make a selfless effort and return only a year later, with gifts, encouragement, and a healthy baby boy! They wish to thank the helpful staff of Doctors and share their own time of fear and devastation, and how they made it through such a scary time!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lux Black & White Cocktail Rings $7.95

These cocktail rings are desperately waiting to be on your fingers. You can wear them and add an instant boost of bling without breaking the bank! Whether you opt for basic black, faux pearls & crystals, or a mix of both you will love this new accessory and the great little box it comes in.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Going, Going, Gone.

Apparently the items recently shown on Dragonfly Designs blog are going very quickly. So, if you see anything you "need" for Christmas gifts please call before it is too late! Thanks for checking us out. Merry Christmas, Abby

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why be Dirty when you can be Flirty?

Look and clean in style wearing this classic, sexy apron that may have you feeling like Donna Reid, Mrs. Cleaver or even Charlotte from Sex in the City! Impress guests with your chic and feminine style while you protect your pretty clothes from damage and spots. This apron may make you look so good that no one will notice if your cleaning/cooking does not look as good as you do. Or maybe you just want to turn the head of a special someone next time you feel like "dusting?" This classic, full apron ties around the neck and waist (adjustable for most sizes) with a single pocket over the right hip. Seamed across the waist so that it falls in flattering, feminine ruffles over the hips! Sure to be your favorite home-making accessory! Measures approx. 28" in length. Red with White Trim or Black with Turquoise Trim, in Baroque, Floral, and Graphic Prints. Add a monogram for the perfect personalized gift. $22.95

Vintage Appeal is always better.

Three Bottle Brush trees with Bead Garland by Bethany Lowe:
12", 10.5", & 7" Starting at $5.00
Bethany Lowe is a self-taught artist whose love of antiques and holiday traditions has led her into the world of design. Beth began her career as an artist in 1987 when she created her first Nicholas in “the Nostalgia for Nicholas Collection.” Since then her line has expanded rapidly and is marketed through specialty shops, museum shops and galleries throughout the world.