Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beqi Jewelry now available at Dragonfly

  • 1970 - Born
  • 1978 - Babysitter teaches hand sewing
  • 1986 - discovers punk, which saves life
  • 1992 to 1995 - works in vintage clothing in dirty warehouse with no a/c, right down road from store that sells possum sandwiches. (Never tries)
  • 1993 - starts sewing own clothes
  • 1997 - meets handsome punk rock descendent from pirates.
  • 1998 to 2000 - works in graphic design. Hates job with every fiber of being.
  • 2000 - Marries pirate. Starts business after drinking large amount of wine on friend's rooftop.
  • 2003 - Top featured in BUST magazine, on World Famous *BOB*.
  • 2004 - mentioned in Glamour magazine; cool. Also featured in German ElleGirl; cool but surreal. Tells pirate hubby he's soon to be pirate daddy. Starts band, because free time is for sissies.
  • 2005 - Wins "Best Online Store" in the Riverfront Times' Best of St. Louis poll. Little Eddie born to proud papa and tired mama.
  • 2006 - unveils new baby line, wear tested on (and named after) Little Eddie. Top seller at Rock n Roll Craft Show's spring sale.
  • 2007 - Helps plan and execute Crafta Nostra, a DIY sale of over 20 indie vendors. Top seller there, too. Doing pretty well for punk rock mom of inexhaustible 2 year old.
  • 2008 - Interviewed by DIY Style Podcast. Also interviewed by Channel 5 News. Helps plan and execute Big Ass Indie Craft Fair with St. Louis Craft Mafia and Mad Art Gallery.
  • 2009 - Cuts turnaround time to 3 weeks by streamlining business processes. Also in preparation for the Green with Indie Craft Fair, which is going on at Webster University on March 22 and 23!
  • Thursday, May 7, 2009

    More from Old Barn Rescue Co...

    Chalkboard 42.5" x 21.25"
    Cost: $125
    Each Day is a Gift 30" x 12" 
    Cost: $68
    Buck A Roo 8" x 15" 
    Cost: $45

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009

    Old Barn Rescue Company

    I recently added wall decals to the shop, 
    shown here on an antique wardrobe
    You can read about the artist in the announcement below!

    OldBarnRescueCompany's Shop Announcement
    We are proud to announce the opening of Old Barn Rescue Company’s Wall Graphics Division! Due to the popularity of Adonna’s hand-lettering, we have expanded our quotation line by offering wall decals, one of the latest new trends in home d├ęcor. These look like they are painted right on the wall without the added cost of Adonna visiting your home to do it herself. Adonna has been practicing calligraphy for over 20 years and now you can enjoy her professional designs for a terrific price! For those of you who have textured walls or love the value of reusing vintage materials, we can continue to offer our work on recycled wood as we have always done. You will now have the choice of hand-painted or cut lettering, depending on your preference and budget needs. Keep checking back as Adonna continues to add new designs! Also visit us on our blog: