Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lux Black & White Cocktail Rings $7.95

These cocktail rings are desperately waiting to be on your fingers. You can wear them and add an instant boost of bling without breaking the bank! Whether you opt for basic black, faux pearls & crystals, or a mix of both you will love this new accessory and the great little box it comes in.


Suzanne said...

Jordan says, "I want one for Suz... how can we work this deal out"

he doesn't know that yet, but he is thinking it. seriously call him/email him. jordanchapell@yahoo.com
Christmas list is not finished and... me likes.

Abby said...

i will see if i can work my magic. do you know which one you like? my favorite is the faux pearl and crystal, but that is just me.