Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stripes the Bunny $19.95

Stripes the Bunny has long floppy ears, and he is both colorful and cuddly. Has knotted eyes and nose which adds a classic touch to his crocheted body. This is one of the good old toys that every child should possess, but he prefers to leave the rough treatment to stronger toys that are not handmade. Stripes is 13" tall from head to heal, made of cotton and fill, and is great for kids over 3 years!

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Anonymous said...

sorry if this is the wrong place to be writing this, but i think i saw on your friends blog that you have a puggle? anyways, i really want one and i just wrote a comment on your freinds blog b4 realizing its your puggle? i think...anywaysss if you could email me id really like to know where you got it, that would be great!