Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Jewelry Designer Scarlett Garnet!

Mercury's Wing Earrings

Mighty but light! Cut copper wings are hung on copper leverback hooks and are about 3 inches long.

Cost: $47.00

Surfing Sea Necklace

Surfing Sea Necklace

Go for the big waves! This 4" bib style brass pendant is hung on 16" of antiqued brass chain with a lobster clasp.

Cost: $57.00

Feather Duster Necklace

Feather Duster Necklace

So delicate! But this feather is not for tickling. Cut stainless steel is about 6" wide and hung on antiqued brass chain. Faceted pyrite beads create little bits of sparkle along the necklace, which hangs at chest level on 16" of chain. An extender chain ads 4" of length and is finished with a pyrite nugget.

Cost: $82.00


Anonymous said...

I wear the feather duster necklaces all the time and get tons of compliments... it is currently my favorite piece of jewelry I own!

Katie said...

Love the feather duster necklace. How unique!

angel said...

I have a pair of mercury wing's earings and I am very proud of it. It makes me confident everytime I use it because of its beauty.