Thursday, January 17, 2008

Check out a new artist at Dragonfly Designs

Old Barn Rescue Company was created when Jan Michalski’s dad told her he needed to tear down their childhood barn she couldn’t stand the thought of all that beautiful, weathered, 120-year-old wood being wasted. So she and her good friend, Adonna, started creating and, VOILA, Old Barn Rescue Company was born. As you will see, they love being “green.” They have also found a fun way to create unique home decor by reusing old barn wood, doors, hardware, windows, buttons, faucets, nails, you name it! Jan & Adonna enjoy giving new life to old, often discarded items. Each hand-made piece that results could be a great focal point to any room and the beginning of a great conversation. Starting at $35.00

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Bailey Mohr said...

Adonna is a good friend of mine from church. I love her stuff!