Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet the Newest Member at Dragonfly

Meet my new Puggle Puppy which is half Pug & half Beagle! She is the newest addition to Dragonfly Designs and she would like to let you know that the first person to bring her a toy will receive 25% off of their next purchase. You can tell that she is already good for business and enjoying one of our hand knitted baby hats! Any suggestion for a name is welcomed!


Suzanne said...

Oh my. Adorable! I want one!

~The Country Junction said...

she is just TOOOOOO cute!!

DeAnn said...

You're a Mommy, Abby! Miss Peagle is a name I would suggest - ha! Here's another one: sweetpea

I'll have to bring Tilly over for a look/see!


Bailey Mohr said...

Ahhhh! She is precious! I can't wait to meet her in person (or should I say "in puggle?") Love you!

Christina said...

it's too bad she wasn't around when we were there with simba. he could have sat on her. :)

she's adorable! welcome to the clan!